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Custom Wedding Trio

Friday, November 21st, 2014


I have my irons in a few fires right now. I’m almost finished my current schooling (Addiction Counselling at VCC), working part time downsizing seniors and spending any available time hanging out with Stephanie at Tiny Finery! Sometimes I actually make jewellery when I’m there.  A couple of weeks ago, a sister of an old friend from hairdressing days contacted me about making some wedding rings.  They were tying the knot in 10 days, and proceeding in a very cool and casual way – which I thought was very cool.  I was honoured to take on the job.  We went with a very simple and lightweight silver band for the groom – and for the bride we made a gold blob ring, using her childhood gold earrings and gold bracelet she got for grad -with the same simple, lightweight silver band.  Lastly, she asked me to make something for their little daughter.  We made a wee silver domed heart with a gypsy set garnet, which is her birthstone.  I say “we” because it was a collaboration. Their ideas mixed with my ideas which I constructed into solid forms. that’s how good wedding rings get made.