Something I’m working on…

It is a custom piece for my Dad’s cousin, Val. A variation of the 5 Star Bueno, it will be a pin. Those holes will contain stones.


  My brother retrieved some photos and things from my old yellowed computer tower that’s been sitting in the garage. A lot of them are from the summer of 2005. Just over 7 years ago. This photo, which I love because it looks very Star Wars, is of the Athena cuff.

Our trip down South

We took a trip this past fall: Seattle-Nashville-Louisville-Roanoke-Charlotte-Atlanta (and there abouts). We ate so much delicious food, saw many old friends, and were the ring leaders in a family hootenany. I took pictures of some of my favorite meals and attractions.      
lightning bolt bracelets

Super Bracelet

  Back to school, kiddies. arry those magical summer storms with you by wearing this lightning bolt at all times. Made with recycled sterling silver -embossed, forged, finished and patinated by hand in my studio- and tied on with a strip of soft, supple deer hide. Tie it on and leave it on.    

September is still summer

  Yes. It is. And here in Vancouver all the flowers are peaking, and we’re finally getting some tomatoes, damn it. Let’s enjoy it. Wear this copper anatomical heart with brass lightning bolt pendant and hold on to that feeling. Hand forged elements made in studio. Sterling silver chain.  


I’m designing a line of jewelry for one of my favorite places, Sundara. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounded by apple orchards, it’s the home of my mom’s sister, after whom I am named. She’s made many folks happy by sharing this amazing place as a venue for weddings and special events. The...


Vic Chesnutt, the great Southern poet and song crafter for whom I blog today, put every bloody bit of himself in those stark, delicate, raw, biting and bright songs.  He was an underground living legend often seen around town, performing or attending, in the late 80s/early 90s when I was living in Athens, GA. The...